Our company produces disposable paper cups using South Korean equipment and high quality raw Finnish materials provided by Stora Enso. Our equipment is designed to produce up to 240,000 cups per day or up to 4.5 million cups per month. The raw material used for the production of our paper cups is paper laminated on either one or both sides, with density of 190-240 g/m2 and ability to withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees. Raw materials provided us can also be used.
We are always ready to ship non-printed cups with a standard design from a warehouse in Minsk. We can manufacture and brand cups with a logo or a unique design of photographic quality of your choice. A paper cup is a good platform for advertising as paper cups are widely and commonly used in cafes, fast food joints, vending machines and many other places. Organizations and advertising firms are welcome to contact us. Crockery made of laminated paper is resistant to moisture, and has high tensile strength and wear resistance, as well as low thermal conductivity. Drinks from such cups retain their original taste and are harmless to one’s health. Moreover, they are eco-friendly.